Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dancing Dog in the Street!

We have opted to keep up the Christmas tree and the wall Nativity. It just brings so much cheer! I told Hna C about Mom´s college roommate that wanted to keep the Christmas tree up past Valentines Day. We will see when we get tired of the decorations, but for now we enjoy turning on the tree lights at night to watch them glow.

I love seeing how the Lord works. His plans are always so perfectly laid. I pretty much NEVER know how His plans are going to turn out, but I am learning that it is always for the best. Bring on the surprises of life!

Like the spinach rice, coleslaw, and mystery meat we ate this week. I actually loved it.

The rain invites MANGOS. Mango cake, juice, slices, pancakes, etc. Is your mouth watering yet?!

We have had some very interesting teaching experiences recently. We were teaching a single mother with our ward missionary leader. She began to tell us all of the problems that she had been through. Big tough problems. I looked to our ward missionary leader and just said, a one liner to fill the silence. I looked to my companion and she looked at me. I started to pray. Then in one instant the words, *Do what is right, let the consequence follow* came to mind. I love this hymn, but I did not remember what the words said in Spanish exactly or in English for that matter. I said, We are going to read the words to hymn number 154 I believe it is. We opened to the song, began reading and tears nearly came to my eyes. The words were EXACTLY PERFECT. I could not get over it. It even mentioned, let the crickets fall. SO PERFECT for Ecuador.
Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. He loves all of His children. Through the Holy Ghost, He truly inspires and guides HIS work and HIS glory. Thank heavens for the revelation in the moment. Sometimes we do not have to know what we are going to say before hand...The Lord will guide us.

Prayer is so important- it is how we come closer to our Father in Heaven. There is great strength and peace in prayer. So we have to help the investigators learn to pray. Little by little they learn and someday they will be converts in the church offering the opening prayer or blessing the Sacrament.

We saw the funniest sight this week! We were walking at night into the Palmas and we saw a black dog in the middle of the road. A mundane, normal occurrence. As we got closer to the dog, we realized it was waving its front paw. But wait, not only was it waving its front paw but it was also bouncing up and down....in rhythm! With the music that came from the neighbors house. It should have been on Ecuador´s funniest home videos. (If that TV show existed here). Hna C and I could not stop laughing. We arrived at our appointment with great big smiles on our faces. We are anxiously waiting for the next dancing dog sighting.
Hermana Garlock

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  1. Hola hna Garlock estoy muy feliz de que este disfrutando la mision. Siga teniendo muchos exitos y siga comiendo mangos por mi. Yo recuerdo que a usted le gustan mucho los mangos. La quiero mucho, su mamita de la Mision, Maricruz Rosas