Monday, March 28, 2011

Excited to be a missionary!

This week was wonderful X1000. The senor companions had a four day training with Presdient Montalti and I loved it. I AM SO EXCITED TO BE A MISIONARY NOW! Now-- as in now in these days. This is a very exciting time to be apart of the missionary work. The Lord is hastening His work. It is evident in every way. We learned about listening to the investigators more and applying the Book of Mormon to their individual lives. There is such power in this that people can feel immediately that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. When people feel this, then they have a desire to CHANGE their lives. Woo Woo yea yea! The fruits of this change or repentance then is.....baptism.

Jester and Luiz were baptized Saturday. Jester is 14 years old and is super cute. It is a beautiful process to watch her grow and learn in the gospel. She gains more and more confidence all the time. As for Luiz, this is a downright miracle. He is deaf and mute, but can read and knows sign language. We began teaching him when Hna Rosas was here and I would laugh and laugh after because Hna Rosas tried to do sign language with him. Well, Hna Rosas left and I found myself doing the same thing! I am simply happy. Happy because Luiz now can have the Spirit with him all the time. I know this is a huge blessing in my life and I can only imagine what it would be like to never hear or talk, but I am certain that Luiz does not feel quite so alone or isolated with the Spirit. I am thankful for the opportunities I have to know these precious people. I am thankful for the converting power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This gospel is true true true.

I feel rejuvinated and excited about this work! 
Hermana Garlock

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I was able to entertain the President's son while he met with the health missionaries.

 Being Silly!

Training a new companion!

Me with my new companion, Hermana Falls
Ready to work hard together!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ticket to Happiness: Your Choice

Buenas Dias!
I believe the fastest hour of my day is personal study in the morning. I cannot get enough of it. I was studying in the Book of Mormon about the happiest people, and it hit me that this is the message of Jesus Christ. The gospel might as well be called, "Ticket to Happiness: Your Choice." Truly, the plan is laid- Christ came to the earth, He suffered our pains, temptations, and the punishment for our sins. Our purpose is to apply His life and teachings so that we can enjoy the full blessings that God has already planned for us.

Every Friday morning, we spend three hours planning for the week. Every night we spend 30 minutes planning for the next day´s activities. We talk about the people we are teaching, their needs, and how we are
going to help them progress to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Planning is a great act of faith. Sometimes the little doubt bug crawls into my brain and starts gnawing at my faith, telling me, ¨What´s the point to plan, if you don´t know if the people are going to actually accept and keep their commitments?¨ I realize that I must SMASH this doubt bug like I smash the cockroach in our bathroom at 2 am....or better than how I smash the cockroaches because this is actually kinda difficult.

I am here to testify that Heavenly Father planned for us to come to this Earth. He planned and allowed the sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son, knowing that His children would have the choice to reject His Beloved. Jesus Christ willing completed all the Father asked of Him, knowing that many people would never repent of the sins for which He suffered. I know that when this little critter called fear threatens to destroy faith, faith rooted in Jesus Christ will not be shaken. I am thrilled by the blessings Heavenly Father desires for His children. It is up to us to seek and receive the blessings. Prayer is the act of aligning our will with the Father´s. Prayer is one of the first principles we teach as missionaries because it the vital connection we have with our Heavenly Father.

I am excited for this time I have in my mission to develop my faith. With every door we knock on, we have the opportunity to develop faith. We are teaching a man named Luiz who cannot hear or speak, but can read. I am impressed my his faith to learn about Jesus Christ and to accept Him. When I see people with such great challenges, I cannot help but be reminded of the Lord´s love for these people. It is a blessing to be able to feel the Lord´s love for the one. I am thankful Mom and Dad that you have always showed me such love. It is easier for me to understand the Savior´s love because of the love you have always shown me. I love you both sooo much! Thank you for helping me begin to understand the perfect love of Jesus Christ.

Hermanita Garlock

Monday, March 14, 2011

Saying Good-bye to Hermanas!



This week we had a big training meeting on Friday--with the tsunami in Japan and events in other places, I believe Ecuador was on alert or something. So Friday we got a call to pack our bags and go to the
stake center where all the missionaries in the surrounding areas were gathered. It was a neat training about listening to the needs of the investigators. A great time to have a training so that Hermana Falls and I can apply the principles in the start of our companionship.
             President Montalti and me at our Training Meeting
It was good to see President Montalti as always. I am waiting to meet his wife and three kids someday. Hermana Montalti is busy, busy helping with the nurses of the mission and being a mom! President Montalti is a fun man and in the training he asked me to share my experience about the first baptism invitation I gave.
My first day in my sector we met, taught, and invited Gio to be baptized. He was baptized just 3 weeks later! I am realizing that if I do not willingly get rid of my fears and overcome my weaknesses, Heavenly Father in His wisdom will give me opportunities to overcome them. President Montalti also shared Hermana Rosa's testimony (my first companion). We all love Hna Rosas and I miss my dear friend and companion!
         4 a.m. saying good-bye to my sweet companion at the airport!

Hermana Falls is my new companion and  we get along just great. She is from Ogden, Utah and is a worker! We are ready to baptize all of Ecuador. haha Hermana Falls says she is not very social, but she does
great with the people. When we eat the food, she says, "WOW! I love this. oooooƶooo delicious. WOW. What is this called? Mmmm good!" It goes over REALLY well with the members and they love her too. I was
thankful this week that she loved the sardines we ate....I may have given her a good portion of my sardines.

I have really felt the Lord's love this week. It is wonderful to feel His love for His children and to feel His love for me! I am thankful to be a member of His church and to have His guidance in my life.

Thank you for your love, prayers, letters and thoughts.
Hermana Garlock

Friday, March 11, 2011

Changes & Reunions

Dearest precious friends and family,
This letter is packed full of....CHANGES.
1- One by one our three baptisms fell through! Where to begin? Let me just say that I still have very high hopes for the baptisms in another week or so. :) First we found out Dayanna is a ward baptism because she is still 8 years old for another month and her mom is a member--although inactive for years. So we turned that one over to the ward to carry through.

Antonio has another interview with President Montalti- hopefully this week. I am hoping he is able to baptized!! I really enjoy teaching him.
Possibly the most heartbreaking of the baptisms was Olga. I am going to introduce Grandma Margaret to her in the next life. They will be friends and paint their nails together. :) Olga was in the water, but was really afraid of the water and of bending down and such. She is 82 years old and is really fragile. We watched, coaxed, and sang all in an attempt to calm her nerves. BUT the good news is that our ward mission leader is a taller bigger man and with his strength, I believe she will be able to be dunked! Hermana Rosas and I felt awful about the experience for Olga. I am learning a lot about the importance of being extra thoughtful and planning really well. I believe Olga will be baptized this Saturday. :)
  Olga ... almost bapized!
2- Hermana Rosas goes home to Costa Rica tomorrow!!!! My dear Hermana is a bit stressed with all of the changes in her life...We are praying and praying and praying her family will accept the gospel when she
goes to her home. I have learned a lot from Hermana Rosas. She taught me how to talk to anyone and everyone and to serve them at the same time! She is a lovely person and I will miss her. I know we will
always be friends because we shared such sacred moments together, teaching and watching Gio, Karina, Narciso, and Patricia make baptismal covenants. We are united through sharing these special experiences!

3- With the change of Hermana Rosas, comes a new companion. Emphasis on the new. I will be training Hermana Falls! She comes tomorrow from the MTC and I believe she is from the U.S. I am in a state of shock about it, but really excited as well!!!! I have a really hopeful, peaceful feeling that this is going to be a wonderful companionship. I found out last night. We will be in the same sector where I have been the past two changes. A blessing because I know the members, streets, etc. and feel at home here.

It is neat because I fasted and prayed yesterday for my Spanish to improve so that the people will understand me and that I will understand them so that the work of the Lord can go forward. I prayed that I would have an increase of opportunities to learn more Spanish and I believe this is in part an answer to that prayer. I do not know how well Hermana Falls speaks Spanish, but I am going to put all my faith and efforts in the Lord and He will help me fulfill this calling. I have confidence that this change is His will, so I will be strengthened.

4. This week feels like a dream-- I am not sure it is real....Hermana Rosas goes home, I am going to train a new missionary, and HERMANA SALMON is coming to live in my apartment!!! Tonight! AHHH I will be
reunited with my dear friend. Oh how I have missed that girl. Hermana Barker, Hermana Marena and Hermana Salmon will be in a trio in our apt until Hermana Salmon is trained as the mission nurse by Hna Barker. Hna Marena is a wonderful wonderful missionary-- she is from Honduras and has one transfer here. I am excited to live with these delightful Hermanas! I really feel so blessed to get to live with these Hermanas who are my friends and sisters away from home.

All the Hermanas who are going home/getting new companions are in our apartment for two days. It is a little crazy--there are 11 of us--but it is really fun to get to know more hermanas!

Remember Mom how you told me to just think of myself on my mission camping? Someday I will tell you how right on you are about that. That thought helps me all the time...Every day feels a little like Ephrata! :)

People ask me all the time what is normal to eat in the US and I don{t know what to tell them! We eat such a delicious variety in our house. You{re a fabulous cook.
I am so thankful that our family is an eternal family. It makes me so happy to know that our relationships are not only for here and now but forever. I cherish this thought because it gives me great purpose and understanding. I know this gospel of Jesus Christ is the true gospel. We are so blessed to live in this day when we have the fullness of it. What a joyous gospel it is!

I love you!
Hermana Garlock