Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Duck Soup

What do you do when the mother of three eager kids does not want to sign the baptism permission?
Enter the house, start cleaning, exit. Repeat weekly. This is what we did about two months ago. End of the story--- the mother herself, was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this very weekend. It is a miracle story. I testify that by small and simple things great things, even the Salvation of mankind, are brought to pass.
I love this family so much. The kids run down the street to meet us and yell as soon as they see us, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeermaaaaaaaaaaana! It anounces to the whole neighborhood that we have arrived. The younger kids call me Hermana Garliiitiii. It is so so fun.  
After church Sunday, my companion and I were happily eating our soup and chatting with our mamita Ruth. My blissful enjoyment of the soup quickly ended as she mentioned to us that she bought the meat (DUCK) in the soup from Nancy and Sergio. I wanted to cry. It was like eating my pet after she told me that. Nancy and Sergio have ducks that waddle around and I love them because it reminds me of the beach- of Grandma and Grandpa´s house. Sometimes it is just best NOT to ask what we are eating and to simply ENJOY the food.
Interesting points of the normal happenings;
-For breakfast, we enjoy blending bananas with milk. Delicious! The bananas here are sooo good. There are all different types and our investigators often give freely from their trees.
-At KFC here you can buy a full meal with rice, beans, fried chicken thigh or breast, and pop for $2.25
-As of late, the people have told me that I look like I am 16 years old. This makes me happy. I am as free and innocent as a 16 year old. Good to hear it!
I am doing very well and we are working to find more people ready and waiting to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I love this work. It is a joy to be able to see the changes in the lives of these people. I pray and pray that the conversions are lasting.
Edmundo said the sacrament prayer for the agua. The members were sooo impressed because he had memorized it in just one week and said it perfectly. He was baptized about two months ago and is already in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon. Love it! I know the Book of Mormon is true and it is the iron rod. Hold tight!
Thank you for your love and prayers. I need them and I can feel them!
Hermana Garlock

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Angels Among Us

Well Hello There!
When we apply the scriptures, the Spirit can teach us for our specific needs. This is what I strive to do in every lesson. Sometimes we succeed more than other times in our efforts to teach individuals and not just lessons. I can tell when the Spirit is teaching when new ideas come as we are teaching, the spanish flows easily, or when I learn as well. These are the best because we leave the lesson practically bouncing down the street.
We are trying to figure out how to teach little children the scriptures! When the kids are running around or distracted or hitting each other, we wonder more if the PARENTS are even able to learn. But I believe the answer is yes. When I believe the answer is no, is when I look to Hermana Lara and say HEEEEEELP! One useful tactic is to bring an apple with us. The kids love apples. Many kids just eat the fruits that grow on the trees around their houses (papayas, bananas, plumarosa, almendras, etc). Apples on the other hand are bought in the grocery store. So, four gleeful children share an apple- one bite at a time. You would not believe how many scriptures talk about repentance and becoming as a child. I have found many and know there is much to learn from these loving children.
Yesterday during Sacrament Meeting, Andrea came and sat by me. She is nine years old and was baptized about a month ago. She squeezed herself onto the bench and immediately took my hand in hers. I am touched by the love of the children. When I was feeling a little stressed about the investigators at church, baptisms, etc, the Lord sent me Andrea as a tender mercy. She reminded me of Christ`s love for me-steady, constant, forgiving. She gave me hope to press on with the hope in Christ as my solid anchor. I am oftened reminded in moments like this of the scripture I chose for my missionary plaque, which says the Lord will go before my face and His angels will be on my right and left hand. All of the Lord`s promises are sure. I am blessed to feel this often. It seems the angels in my mission have been my companions, little children, and various others who have said JUST what I needed to hear in the right moment. An angel is someone who does the direct bidding of the Lord.
I would like to be this kind of servant of the Lord. A true servant- quick to fulfill the Master`s request. Many times, I feel like I am being served- with such love and blessings from the members, converts, investigators. I am humbled by the offerings of so many and grateful for the examples in my life. Hermana Ruth for filling in for another mamita when she was not home, another member- Alberto for accompanying us for 5 hours this week, Edmundo for always having papaya or squash or coconut or banana or etc! cut up and ready to give us.
Thank you for your support for me during my mission.  
Hermana Garlock

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well hello again my dear ones!

 We should all feel just a little bit closer knowing we spent eight hours this weekend doing the exact same thing--- watching conference! I love conference. I love it. It is a little different here. Should we say a little stressful? But very very exciting. It is a wonderful opportunity for investigators to learn and to understand a little more about the Church. 

Hna Lara and I prayed our little hearts out and walked and talked our feet out. I actually did lose my voice, and we had to buy pills for the pain in Hna Lara´s feet. It all paid off and we had a very fun week. We learned to teach quick, invite, and testify. :) 

Lots of the evangelical churches here prohibit dancing when you get baptized. Along with makeup, earrings, etc. It made me laugh when Luis, one of our investigators, commented that he was surprised to see us wearing earrings and with makeup. I am certain to put earrings on everyday now to distinguish us as missionaries. 
I absolutely loved conference. We were able to watch all the sessions. I am excited to memorize more scriptures, gain a deeper understanding of the Atonement, listen to the Spirit more, and serve.  
Hermana Garlock