Monday, March 19, 2012

First Day of My Last Change!


Today I begin the first day of my last change. President M. says it is very important to measure ourselves and know where we are at in the mission. I have a lot of mixed emotions.

I am in the same house where I spent the first eight months of my mission. It is pretty much the same--only more space because I will live alone with my companion instead of living with the mission nurses as well (maybe just a bit more company of cucarachas...It is a interesting that in my 6th grade class we observed cucarachas for our science experiments. I have no idea why we were studying them, but now I see it was all part of the Lord`s plan. Surely His thoughts are not mine nor His ways, but I am a big fan of His plan. I no longer am afraid of cucarachas. Or at least I prefer cucarachas to spiders).

I am so excited for this change. I am going to be training a new missionary! Her first name is Olga. Not that I will ever call her by her first name, but I already like her. I am excited to be back, see my converts and the members, eat the delicious food here, buy bread in the panaderias, and find the people I did not find the last time. Please pray so that we quickly find the elect and that we can help them accept the fulness of the gospel through baptism. Pronto! Or maybe we will find some of the same people as last time and that would be wonderful if now they can be ready.

My overall feeling is that of gratitude. The people I have been so blessed to meet have changed my life for the better. Yesterday Remigio -- one of my converts that was baptized in September accompanied us to a visit. He shared a testimony so powerful and full of the Spirit that I was nearly brought to tears. I am thoroughly blessed and amazed to be able to see the changes in the lives of these people. Remigio has learned a great deal and is committed to live the principles of the gospel for the rest of his life. Also, Sergio spoke in Sacrament Meeting. I love these people!!!

The days are passing incredibly quickly and I am determined to live and love each and every one. There are so many blessings to serving a mission. Thank you for your support and love. Have a fabulous week.

Hermana Garlock

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